How Does Chatbots Help a Business


As a professional with an experience of around 14 years and a quest for learning new products and technologies I have always wondered how about something -a product, service or to simply put a technology which can make the repeat jobs easier for a business which does the mundane tasks every day of reaching out to a large set of customers .While human intervention is needed but if the interactions with the customers can be automated in case of the same type of query generated/support needed to service the customers it would go a long way in streamlining the process of customer interaction.Herein comes the CHATBOTS


But what are the Chatbots exactly and how do they help a business.Let me explain their benefits and as to why a business should use them.

To simply put #CHATBOTS are computer programs that can have automated and intelligent text conversations with a customer using artificial intelligence and #natural language processing.The segment made a lot a news when Facebook messenger which I use a lot opened up to #bots in April.

From a business perspective whether it be dealing with a particular product or service, if it has enabled itself to work with a chat interface in the presence it has be it on the web or mobile device , #chatbots herein using #artificial intelligence would understand the requirements of the customer and offer them the particular product/service.

#Chatbots are also expected to make the life on a user easier as tedious tasks performed over a long period of time could be prone to errors.For example- filling up of forms and formatting the data or #CHATBOTS could also help a user in locating a salon, a restaurant movie hall according to their needs.Therefore every kind of business needs to have a chat platform these days to interact with the customers and a large percentage of the queries are in fact predictable and hence these can be automated.

As a professional having worked in the e-commerce industry I feel there are quite a number of repeat transactions which can be automated as is the case with travel, hospitality, banking and fin tech industry.

USE CASES -Banks like Kotak Mahindra, Axis and Swiss bank UBS, e-commerce companies which have the same transactions in large numbers and platform for test at home service uses chatbots for booking their services.#Chatbots are also used in repeat transactions like bill payments and mobile recharges, food ordering, cab bookings.

I expect to see #Chatbots being used in the coming days for flight and hotel booking and in other transactions of services which have a large number of repeat purchases.

While full automation is still a far cry to achieve but with the development of artificial intelligence and natural language processing, the day is not far off when businesses could automate the full process of customer interaction with CHATBOTS across multiple platforms.



The fact that Chatbots has got a wide acceptance was evident from my usage of tracking the application of my credit card status wherein one of the country’s leading bank HDFC has installed chatbots for answering queries that were quite repetitive in nature.



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