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How To Drive Traffic To Your Website With Content

In these days of cut throat competition in the start-up ecosystem in India as well as globally everyday we hear of new business ideas coming up but essentially how do these businesses communicate to the target audience forms the basis of their existence & success . A pre-requisite to getting the audience hooked on to a particular business is a good website with the right mix of look & feel . A website is an information gateway of a business therefore the look & feel aligns with the saying ”First impression is the Last impression” .  Along with the look & feel of the website any online marketer cannot undermine the role good content plays for the brand /business in making the website searchable on Search Engine -Google  which is by far the place to be for any end user seeking & searching out information on any product/service .

Content Creation & Driving Traffic-

Any online marketer has multiple pain points  in driving traffic to the website once it is live .

i) The first & the foremost is to address the problem of having good content on the website as this is the starting point in the strategy to drive traffic

ii) Once there is good content on the website the next step that comes in the process is to optimize the content on google .While it is widely known that Google gives importance to relevancy as far as good content is concerned therefore it goes without saying that good &  relevant content is of utmost importance.

iii) It is also essential that the website is responsive across multiple platforms so that with relevant content it is easily searchable on Google and helps in driving traffic .Mobile as a platform is extremely important these days as almost 60-70% of traffic of a website comes from mobile devices.

iv) Updating the content on a regular basics makes the content fresh & easily searchable on the google search engine and helps to drive traffic to the website and hence would recommend the same

Therefore to sum it up , relevant content ,look & feel of the website across all formats ,updating the content with blogs & articles ,videos & images would help the website to be searchable and drive traffic to a website .


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