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Snapdeal In The News: How It All Started?

It was in the year 2010 in the month of January that I joined . The portal was still in the beta stage and had gone live . While I simply wondered that coming from a media back ground having done space selling prior to this what would be my role here or how could sales happen or to be more precise how would revenue come  on board . But I was thankful to the founders Rohit Bansal & Kunal Bahl ,that I got on with my job after they explained it really well .

For the first few months it was a kind of test marketing or more about the experience part as to what could work out & what couldn’t in terms of earning revenue for the portal  .I got it right in terms of making the alliances or tie-ups with the merchants as was rightly pointed by Kunal “that the merchants are the oxygen of our business “ and hence when there is enough oxygen in the business the business model evolves and the organization experiences exponential growth as that is what the flavour of a start-up is and that is what every founder looks for while starting up .

In the initial stage the sales team started off with tie-ups with merchants offering services and then down the line of few months the business model evolved into a completely different mode when tie-ups with merchants offering their products to be sold on the portal was put up. With the progress of time the model completely changed into an online marketplace and got off to a rollicking start as the team expanded by almost 100 times in a short span of time .In January,2011 the first round of funding  from early stage investors in the business poured in and thus was one of the present day unicorn started to take shape .While other portals & organizations had been in the similar business in India prior to but I have my doubts whether such an expansive growth in the Indian start-up space was witnessed earlier in the industry .A behemoth in the Indian start –up space & the e-commerce industry was thus born and was soon joined by some other portals also venturing into the same space & business .

E-commerce as an industry thus made news and the start-up space got more exciting with new players joining the bandwagon and people in India  took to notice that such a business & industry does exist & can grow phenomenally in such a short span of time .

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